Tango, Contáme una Historia

Tango show directed by Brenda Figueroa in Liederhalle Stuttgart Tango ..

.. connects humans in Europe and with humans in Argentina.
The ensemble of Brenda Figueroa with the Gabriel Battaglia quartet, which makes tango-music with guitar, two bandoneons, violin and piano, immerses together with the singers Monica Rodriguez and Anibal Civilotti and the four pairs of dancers, the senses into the tendency of the Tangos.

With a collage of music, dance and pictures of young Argentine and German artists present contame in “Tango, una historia” -, as Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentine philosopher and man of letters already wrote their Tango Argentino: “Man it could say that this like probably modest, but luckful kind its place in the universe hat.”

TheTango is not only music, seal or dance. Tango is also more than onlyone tradition or mode feature. It is a movement, which elsewhereconnects humans in Europe and with humans in Argentina.

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